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"We are not looking for a shallow consensus - a vision we can all agree to half-heartedly but do nothing about. We want a seven generation vision that is inspiring, because that is the world we want to live in, and leave to our children and grandchildren and beyond - the kind of seven-generation consensus that brings every living voice to the table, to consider the needs of those not yet born.
There is no need, then, to be limited by what any current government would do. This process is so much more efficient than theirs that we will rapidly pull ahead of them. We must assume that a sufficiently compelling vision could capture people's imagination and cause political and economic changes in ways unforeseen and unforeseeable. " Sustainable Nova Scotia

This section of the wiki is about Network development. For information on existing networks - see our

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Many sustainability projects develop as networks. As sustainability projects often involve a wider range of stakeholders, and sustainability encourages awareness of the bigger picture, this seems to a certain extent inevitable. Networks also encourage learning and mutual support, sometimes in expected ways, sometimes in unexpected ways.

The section can also be viewed as a shared work space, open to all, for developing ideas for networking, both virtual and real world, for local and wider sustainability action.


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