CarrotMobUK is a fun community action which rewards businesses that become more energy efficient. The concept is to take several businesses in a community and find the one prepared to invest the most in improving their energy efficiency.

According to the CarrotMobUK website: "We then all flashmob the business at the agreed time to buy stuff we need from them! The business then spends the agreed percentage of revenue it took during the CarrotMob on replacing appliances with more energy-efficient models. Everybody wins! :)

This is primarily a symbolic public display of how directed consumer power can bring about positive change. CarrotMobUK is completely not-for-revenue. By that we mean that we do not take any money from this system in any way. The only money that changes hands is between the memebers and the chosen businesses. We believe that this is fundamental to the concept."

The CarrotMobUK website also allows you to get email alerts of CarrotMobs in your area and create and advertise your own.

Diary London September 2008

  • 16 The first ever UK CarrotMob will be in the winning pub in the London Old Street area


Carrotmob Makes It Rain in Liquor Store! Added: April 21, 2008. About 4 mins.

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