• PASS IT ON: With your parents' permission, donate old electronic items that you don't use anymore – keep them out of the landfill!
  • MAKE YOURSELF HEARD: Write an e-mail supporting the habitat, park, or local open space you care about most, and send it to your school paper, local newspapers, or TV stations
  • HOME SWEET HOME: Build a backyard habitat at home, in your neighborhood, or at school.
  • THE BIG CLEAN: Sign up with your friends to join supervised beach, river, lake or forest clean-ups in your area. Then adopt an acre in your neighborhood and pledge to keep it clean.
  • CLEAN GREEN: Research ways to make natural household cleaners with your parents.
  • LETTER LOBBY: Write a letter to your local congressional representative supporting initiatives to protect your favorite endangered species.
  • BIRD FEED: Put up a bird feeder in your yard, on a balcony or, with permission, in a community green space. Keep it stocked with birdseed, suet, or fruit.
  • TREE POWER: Plant 1,000,000 trees for National Arbor Day (April 30).

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