Bottle it: Use reusable bottles instead of buying disposable bottles
Recharge it: Replace the batteries in your toys/games with rechargeable batteries
Loop it: Close the loop by keeping recycling bins in our homes
Pack a Waste free lunch to school for a week

  • WASTE NOT: Start a compost pile or worm box in your backyard, neighborhood or school.
  • JUST SAY NO: Think about how many receipts you get in a year. Where do most of them go? In the trash or recycling bin, most likely! Save paper by telling the cashier, No receipt, please. You'll be surprised how much that adds up in a year!
  • IT'S A WRAP: Wrap your gifts with newspaper or other re-used materials, and get your friends and family to do the same. When you receive gifts in new wrapping paper, keep it for future use.
  • KEEP IT IN THE LOOP: Make sure your house has a recycling bin and post your community's recycling rules on a sign next to it.
  • MIND YOUR PLASTICS: Encourage your parents to buy products in containers that are recyclable. Remember to look for plastics #1 & 2.
  • BOTTLED UP: Use a stainless steel water bottle and avoid buying bottled water when possible.
  • RECHARGE: Change the batteries on your toys and games to nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable ones and dispose of all batteries properly.
  • SMART MAIL: Reclaim your mailbox - reduce waste by stopping junk mail at home. Get taken off the main junk mail lists by contacting the addresses and phone numbers on these sites: and
  • WASTE-FREE LUNCH: Commit to bringing a waste-free lunch to school for an entire week. Keep every lunch trash can empty and save tons of trash – literally!
  • IT'S IN THE BAG: Use reusable shopping bags whether you're at the mall or at the grocery store, and tell store clerks you don't need a bag if it's not necessary.
  • CUP HOLDER: Use a reusable mug when buying a drink at a coffee shop or elsewhere.
  • ECO-STYLE: Green is always in style - Look for organic clothes or fabrics when you are shopping.
  • MAKE A BELOVED REUSABLE BAG: Grab your favorite tattered tee and get Mom or Dad's help to sew it up into a reusable bag. Get creative by adding patterns, catchy phrases or some glitter for your own personal touch. Use it for books, for groceries or even as a creative gift bag to hold presents for others. Using your own bag can be both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

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