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The People's Republic of China, is a country in East Asia. With over one-fifth of the world's population, the PRC has the world's largest population. Due to its large and stable population, its rapidly growing economy and military spending and capabilities, the PRC is often considered an emerging superpower.

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2010 SEED Award Winners

  • "SolSource" is a satellite dish-shaped solar device with removable modules that turns its own waste heat into electricity or stores it in thermal fabrics for later use. This novel device, which has been developed by an international social enterprise, research and government institutions, and local organizations, harnesses the sun's energy to provide a portable heat source for cooking and electricity for low-income families at an affordable price. [1]

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  • Dongtan W

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  • chinadialogue - bilingual website devoted to the environment and aiming to promote direct dialogue and search for solutions to our shared environmental challenges - climate change, species loss, pollution, desertification, water scarcity and environment damage.
  • China Green

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