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Our vision

Climate Change Human sign, 17 May 2009, about 2 mins.
Climate Change Human sign

Climate Change Human sign

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  • Bayside Climate Change Action Group -- formed by parents in the Bayside area, the group goals are to provide a collective voice for Bayside residents for both families and individuals determined to fight for a clean energy future.
  • Families Facing Climate Change is a group based in Ashburton, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Lighter footprints is a climate change neighbourhood action group active in Surrey Hills and adjacent suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria
  • -- L.I.V.E. is an acronym for Locals Into Victoria’s Environment, a fast-growing group of around 200 hundred concerned Victorians who are coming together to address the threat of global warming. The organization is independent, non-partisan and non-profit and is based in Melbourne’s City of Port Phillip. (all above)[1]

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