December 2010

Sunrise over Le Meridien Cancun pools

Elements of the Cancún Agreements, 11 December 2010


“Climate Vulnerability Monitor” reveals distinct vulnerabilities in 184 countries and all regions of the world to short-term impacts of climate change, 3 December [1] In less than 20 years, almost all countries in the world – over 170 – will realise high vulnerability to at least one major climate impact as the planet heats up: “the fate of the vulnerable will be the fate of the world."

November 2010

Sunset @ Ciudad de Mexico

135 mayors from around the world sign agreement to address climate change at the World Mayors Summit on Climate in Mexico City, 23 November[2] To establish and follow up on their commitments, the pact’s signers will establish their climate actions and progress with the Carbon Cities Climate Registry (CCCR) at the Bonn Centre for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbonn). The pact was signed by a diverse set of cities around the world, both large and small, from megacities such as Los Angeles, Jakarta, Sao Paolo, Johannesburg, Istanbul and Mexico City, to cities such as Paris, Vancouver and Barcelona – already leaders in developing innovative climate solutions – to small cities such as Burnsville, Minnesota, and Malmo, Sweden, to name just a few.

Thames sunset

Nations have the chance to deliver almost 60 per cent of the emissions reductions needed to keep global temperatures under a 2 degrees Celsius rise. But only if the pledges made last year in Copenhagen are fully met. 23 November [3]

Thames sunset

2009 carbon emissions fall smaller than expected, 21 November [4]

October 2010

Protesters hold windmills aloft - Replace Hazelwood Coal Power Station
10 10 10 report 7,000 rallies in 188 Countries, October 11 [5]

July 2010

  • Fires rage on as Moscow suffers 'hottest day ever, 29 July [6]

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