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Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change Edit

This is a pledge for UK councils that want to commit to reduce their locality's carbon emissions. It was launched at a conference in Nottingham in October 2000.

Nottingham City Council has reduced CO2 emissions from its own buildings by 31,850 tonnes over the five years since the first Climate Change Conference, through investment in energy efficiency measures and through buying an increasing proportion of renewable energy. Nottingham is also one of the few cities in the EU to have stabilised traffic levels over the last five years against an upwards national trend. An estimated 21,570 fewer tonnes of CO2 was emitted in the Greater Nottingham area between 2000 and 2004 as a result of the city’s sustainable transport policy - including the introduction of Nottingham’s new tram system.

At May 2005 85 councils had signed up. (See separate article for more updates). The local ones are Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Climate change in Nottinghamshire Edit

There is a process to create a community climate change strategy being coordinated by Nottinghamshire Agenda 21 Forum - downloads available from its website.

A consultation document was commissioned in 2004 to look at the local options for minimising climate change and adapting to the changes that are already coming.

There's a colorful 4-page leaflet summarising some of the changes we're likely to see.

A conference took place in October 2004, with keynote speaker Michael Fish and discussion groups covering particular sections of a possible strategy. Outcomes have been used in the drafting process.

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