Sustainable Community Action

Action Ideas[]

  • Beach clean ups

Environmental importance[]

The coast and its adjacent areas on and off shore is an important part of a local ecosystem as the mixture of fresh water and salt water in estuaries provides many nutrients for marine life. Salt marshes and beaches also support a diversity of plants, animals, and insects crucial to the food chain.

Like the ocean which shapes them, coasts are a dynamic environment with constant change. The earth's natural processes, particularly sea level rise, waves and various weather phenomena, have resulted in the erosion, accretion and reshaping of coasts as well as flooding and creation of continental shelves and drowned river valleys (rias).

Global News[]


  • Coastal ‘carbon sinks’ - such as tidal salt marshes, seagrass meadows, kelp forests and mangroves – shrinking faster than Amazon forests, 17 November [1]
  • Living in Barbados reports on Barbados Clean-Up Day, when volunteers collected garbage from the island's beaches, September 21 [2]


  • "Ecosystem changes will continue to worsen, global development goals at risk", March 30 2005

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