Sustainable Community Action
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Action Ideas[]

  • Local environmental projects
  • partnership working
  • alliances and coalitions
  • WWOOF - see video and international links below
  • Advocate expenses for volunteers, so that no-one should be out of pocket from volunteering, and it isn't something just for those that can afford it
  • Help From Home

New Ideas[]

  • Make a gift of your time as a Christmas, birthday or other present to someone (for example some kind of volunteering toward a particular cause they may be passionate about)

Why it matters

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Global News 2008[]

  • European civil society bodies welcome the EU Reform Treaty as an important step in bringing the EU closer to civil society and citizens. January 16 [1] place

Village cinema[]

Because There Are Goats Part 1. 13 May 2009. About 8 mins.


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