• An imaginary open letter: To those who would ‘engage’ us…, August 9, 2012 By Mike
  • Exposing the lie, 26th July 2012, by John Houghton,


Parliament Square

Westminster World Heritage Site and Parliament Square a national disgrace, Hansard Society, October 25 [1] New vision putting citizen and visitor at its heart needed. place, topic


High Speed 2 consultation "a train wreck", say CPRE, 28 February [2]

Councils and hyperlocal ‘bloggers’: It’s the council system which needs changing, not how people are allowed to cover them, David Higgerson, February 23 [3]


Eric Pickles: Citizen journalists and bloggers should be let in to public council meetings, 23 February [4]


"If nothing else the transparency that the social web embodies and that government says it wants to deliver with #opendata means that we will no longer be able to hide our policy programmes in big black boxes that we only open up on launch day" Catherine Howe, January 23 [5]

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