Sustainable Community Action
Slide of a napkin describing the world of currencies

"No one has ever become poor by giving." - Anne Frank / Inspiring Quotes 19

Action Ideas[]

  • Local Exchange Trading Systems, LETS W
  • Time Banking W, Time-based money W
  • Give or take days
  • Give or take stalls, for example at Farmers' markets

Wanted pages

  • Collaborative consumption W

New technology focus

Why it matters

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Global News[]

February 2011

Slide of a napkin describing the world of currencies

Glimpses of a new ecology of money, 21 February [1]

September 2008

  • New currency in town, September 17 [2] place


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Gutza Wikipedia logo1 Wikipedia
  • Category:Community currencies W
  • Recommended: BerkShares W
  • Cyclos W open source online banking software for Microfinance institutions, local banks (in developing countries) and complementary currency systems like LETS, Barter networks and Time banks.

  • Permawiki, some more detailed articles on LETS

Wanted pages and external links

  • GiftFlow BETA
  • Common Good Finance
  • The Open Co-op "Our purpose is to build a world-wide community of individuals and organisations committed to the creation of a collaborative, sustainable economy; a global network of sustainably managed commons."
  • Ithaca HOURS millions of dollars value of this local paper currency have been traded by thousands of residents, including over 500 businesses (including a bank, medical center, public library, landlords, farmers, etc)
  • Cyclos project and who is using it

Complementary currencies - Img13714 Portal - resources / UK - news - resources


  1., 21 February 2011
  2. Wairarapa community news, September 17