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The Joy of A Morning Ride

The Joy of A Morning Ride

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Village cinema[]


The Copenhagen Wheel - Teaser

Thoughts On My Bike. 23 June 2009, about 5 mins.

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Random facts[]

  • There are now over 100 million electric bicycles in China -- the most popular (by far) "green" vehicles in the world. Source: TIME, Jun. 14, 2009


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  • Bike Shepherd, free registration program to help cyclists, companies, campuses and cities reduce bike related crime.

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CO2, Al, H2O, Hg, Pb, Fe, SO2, S, Zn, NOx, NO2, Cl, Si, Bi, O, NH3, U, B, N, P, CH3,


  • Paul Higgins : Exercise-based transportation reduces oil dependence, carbon emissions and obesity, Environmental Conservation 32 (3): 197­202 © 2005, doi:10.1017/S037689290500247X [1] - (PDF link)