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Boulder Bike Story. 04 December 2009
The Joy of A Morning Ride

The Joy of A Morning Ride

Boulder, well-known for its bicycle culture W, boasts hundreds of miles of bike paths, lanes, and routes that interconnect to create a renowned network of bikeways usable year-round. Boulder has 74 bike and pedestrian underpasses that facilitate safer and uninterrupted travel throughout much of the city. The city offers a route-finding website that allows users to map personalized bike routes around the city[1]. In 2008 the city was recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Platinum-level bicycle friendly community.

Walk and Bike Month is celebrated throughout June, with Bike to Work Day held on the last Wednesday in June. The event is presented by GO Boulder and is produced by Community Cycles. Begun in 1977 as Bike to Work Day, Boulder's annual celebration of biking is believed to be one of the oldest in the United States.

Happy Thursday Cruiser Ride - Every Thursday, a group of cruiser bike riders meet to ride their cycles on various streets, alleys and bike paths in an outpouring of creativity and love for bicycles, shouting "Happy Thursday!" to onlookers. Many dress up in costume for the occasion, and some also decorate and accessorize their cycles for the event. The number of participants varies greatly from week to week, peaking in the summer months of well over 500 riders; only a small group of 'Cold Weather Cruisers' ride during the colder months.

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