Skyride 2010 - father & son

Over 55,000 people, cyclists of all ages and abilities take to traffic-free streets for the chance to enjoy the sights of the capital on two wheels, 4 September [1] place

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Reading bike-hire plan approved, 14 March [3] place

  • Government announces extra funding to improve facilities for cyclists at rail stations, September 28 [4]
  • Commuters encouraged to swap to bikes on Cycle Fridays, August 7 [5]
  • Government to make available £5 million over two years to improve cycling storage facilities at up to ten major railway stations nationwide, including in London, June 24 [6]


  • Monthly mass cycle ride in London not unlawful, law lords rule, November 26 [7]
  • Ambitious plans to provide a cycle hire scheme in London by May 2010 achievable according to feasibility study, November 18. [8] From May 2010 people will be able to pick up and drop off hire bikes at 400 locations across the nine London boroughs and several Royal Parks that make up London’s zone one travel area. An initial 6,000 hire bikes are expected to generate around 40,000 extra daily cycle trips in central London. London has already seen a dramatic rise in the number of people cycling, with a 91 per cent increase on London’s major roads since 2000. It is estimated that there are now approximately 500,000 cycle journeys a day across London. Transport for London has now invited companies interested in running the scheme to get in touch with them.


  • Cycling seems to have been forgotten in the redesign of St Pancras, say London Cycling Campaign, November 14 [10] Koy Thomson of LCC: “If Eurostar presents itself as the modern low-carbon alternative to air travel, it must think beyond its stations and help customers make sustainable choices.” place

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  • Sustrans' Connect2 wins The People’s £50 Million Lottery contest, December 12 [11] topic
  • 38,000 sign up for London's big bike ride - The first Hovis London Freewheel this Sunday (23 September Diary London) is gearing up to be the biggest mass participation bike ride the capital has ever seen. September 17 [12]

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Cycling Img13714 Portal - Why cycling matters - news - cities - A-Z - Images

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