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Global News[]



Major agricultural regions in China facing their worst drought in 60 years. 18 February [1] <br. clear=left>


  • Kenya: Devastating drought worsens human-wildlife conflict, July 20 [2] Kenya is experiencing the worst drought in more than a decade according to the country's meteorological department. This drought has been felt throughout the country, but it is more visible among the Maasai community who's primary source of livelihood is cattle.
  • Drought fears on the Prairies, June 17 [3] place
  • Mexico: A lack of water in Mexico City, March 26 [6] Mexico City is running out of water. Daniel Hernandez of Intersections writes about what the local government is doing to address the situation, but officials say “drastic steps” may need to be considered including the possibility of turning off the water on the weekends.
  • Pacific Institute warns of growing water scarcity impacts from climate change, February 26 [8] Already, China, India, and the western USA are seeing growth limited by reduced water supplies from shrinking glaciers and melting snowcaps that sustain key rivers. Meanwhile, agricultural and power plant production have been cut back due to more frequent and more intense heat waves and droughts in large parts of Australia, California, and the southeast USA.
  • China: Worst Drought in 50 years, February 9 [9] A worst drought in 50 years, affecting more than 12 provinces and more than 9.3m hectares, in northern China has hit 43% of the country's wheat crop. The Office of State Control and Drought Relief Headquarters warned that 3.7 million people and 1.85 million livestock had lost access to drinking water.



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