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The tram, Old Market Square, Nottingham.
Photo credit: Tim Gray 2005

The East Midlands is one of the regions of England and consists of most of the eastern half of the tradional region of the Midlands. Its main settlements are Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln, Derby, and Northampton. The largest city and the generally recognized "capital" of the East Midlands is Nottingham.

UK regional sustainable development indicators[]

  • The East Midlands had seen the highest regional improvement in both biological and chemical water quality and woodland bird populations had increased.
  • The East Midlands had the lowest density of newly built dwellings and had amongst the highest proportions of people perceiving difficulty in getting to a doctor or hospital.
  • The proportion of pensioners in low income households was the highest of the regions.
  • The proportion of 19 years old attaining level 2 qualifications was the lowest of the regions. / [1]
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Nottinghamshire - Wake Up Nottingham -- Leicestershire -- Join an EcoTeam

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