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Action Ideas[]

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Why it matters

Community groups may be concerned about litter, pollution, traffic pollution, air quality, noise or light pollution, river quality, state of beaches, etc.


  • Let's do it manual, based on the experience of volunteers in different countries who have organized clean-up action.


Apps4s2 Apps for sustainability[]

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  • EarthObserver App, mobile application which provides users with simplified access to vast libraries of images and information that up until now were tapped mainly by earth and environmental scientists. The EarthObserver App, the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, displays natural features and forces on land, undersea and in the air. Source: The Earth Institute, Colombia University, 2011-01-10]

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Lost Generation. About 2 mins. 30 November 2007

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  • Air pollution dropped by 39 percent in Delhi after all buses were required to use compressed natural gas (CNG) as a result of a suit brought against the Indian government. By 2006, some 80,000 CNG vehicles were registered in Delhi, including all public buses and mini-taxis. Source: Worldwatch Institute


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