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  • Environmental philanthropy still represents less than 3% of total UK philanthropy. Total grants directed towards mitigating climate change account for less than 0.7% of total UK philanthropy. Source: Where the Green Grants Went 5 Where the Green Grants Went 5, (PDF) Jon Cracknell, Heather Godwin, Nick Perks and Harriet Williams, Latest analysis of UK environmental philanthropy. Published Jan 2012.
  • Less than 2% of charitable grants in the UK are directed to environmental charities and less than 5% of the £8bn of private donations in the UK go to environmental causes, despite growing public concern about the natural world. Source: Green Philanthropy, report by New Philanthropy Capital, October 2007


  • Collaborative Funding is the New Collaborative Consumption, By Nathaniel James, 04.09.12, [1]

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  • Village SOS Competition, around 250 awards of between £10,000 and £30,000 to kick start community businesses. Entry form deadline: 5pm, Thursday 20 October 2011


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