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  • "This competition model is not the way forward, and is a huge missed opportunity. It does not ‘help communities to act together’, it means that community groups use huge amounts of time and energy going through a convoluted application process where they are pitched against other equally noble community groups, and the vast majority of them end up losing out and feeling embittered by the whole thing (that was certainly many peoples’ experience of Big Green Challenge). Something more like the Local Food Fund would have been a far better model. 2 out of 10." Rob Hopkins, The Role of Communities, A Transition Take on the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan, July 17 [1] topic, topic


  • New Start editorial September 19 2007 Impression is often stronger than information. If Northern Rock didn’t know it before the government and Bank of England’s reassurances failed to stop people queuing all night to get at their money, it certainly knows it now.


  • New Start editorial July 12 2006 - There‘s something rich about the idea of money being long-term unemployed. Made redundant by its owners then sitting, idle, for 15 years or more, an asset only for the financial institutions that hold it.

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  • Charities could see hike in 'Wedge' donations, as the new shop-local discount card expands, March 1 [2] topic


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