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The term Green purchasing is used here to include not only ideas such as Sustainable consumption, Ethical consumerism, etc, but also doing (more?) with less.

Action Ideas[]

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  • Fair Trade towns W

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  • Procott, the flip side of boycott. A movement to support the production and purchase of earth-friendly and justice-friendly goods and services.
  • Eco-product supplies
  • Co-purchasing clubs
  • Sustainable tourism initiatives
  • Equipment sharing
  • lobbying for Government action to enforce the use of bio-degradable plastic bags by supermarkets


Global News 2008[]

  • A Stamp for Sustainable Lifestyles, July 2. [1] The French postal service "La Poste" and UNEP have partnered to publish a booklet of letter stamps (Carnet de dix) inspired by the project UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange. This Carnet has the dimension and shape of a business card and contains 10 stamps, each of which carries a message related to sustainable consumption.


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  • Ethical consumerism W
  • Green brands W

  • Consumer Resources for Buying Green Products green

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  • Sourcemap
  • The Fair Tracing Project aims to support Ethical Trade by implementing IT Tracking and Tracing Technologies in supply chains to provide consumers and producers with enhanced information.

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