• "I believe in God, only I spell it Nature." Frank Lloyd Wright

  • "In too many countries and internationally, we still don't have governing systems and institutions that are accountable, participatory, consensus oriented, transparent, equitable and follow the rule of law." Mary Robinson

  • "They wrote about another world, the dirt world. That too, too solid world which the Zeroes made naught of.

    Ti Chiu, Dichew, the dirt-ball. Earth. The "garbage" world. The "trash" planet.

    These words are archaic, history-words, attached only to history-images: receptacles were filled with "dirty" "garbage" that was poured into vehicles which carried it to "trash dumps" to "throw away."

    What does that mean? Where is "away"?

    Ursula K. Le Guin

  • "Networks are the language of our times, but our institutions are not programmed to understand them." Demos

  • "The new media are orientated towards action, not contemplation; towards the present, not tradition. It is wrong to regard media equipment as mere means of consumption." Hans Magnus Enzensberger

  • "We don't need more walls of separation between nations and peoples. We know they can't protect us from global challenges like AIDS or terrorism or global warming. We need instead, more connections, more bridges of understanding and shared responsibility." Mary Robinson

  • "Many of our biggest social challenges will only be met if we promote self-organising solutions." Charles Leadbeater

  • "Good governance and sound public management are preconditions for the implementation of sustainable development policies. These preconditions include efforts to ensure an ethical and more transparent government process, as well as decision-making practices “sufficiently open to citizens participation”. OECD, Improving Policy Coherence and Integration for Sustainable Development - A Checklist 2002 [1] (PDF file) topic

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