Sustainable Community Action
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action ideas for sustainability. The main focus here is on what community groups can do, but we're also developing a separate section on personal options.

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Thames sunset Climate change and energy

Climate change - Low carbon communities - Sustainable energy

Mud4d Environmental wellbeing

Biodiversity - Coasts - Drought - Environment quality - Open spaces - Trees, woodland and forest

Mudeford6 Social wellbeing

Arts and culture - Communities online - Community involvement - Community resources - Community safety - Education - Global connections - Health - Social inclusion - Sport

Sweetcorn95 Economic wellbeing

Community & voluntary action - Complementary currencies - Ethical finance - Food - Free stuff - Green Purchasing - Growing and gardening - Opportunities for all - Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle - Regeneration - Rewarding work - Simple living - Sustainable tourism - Towards Sustainable Economies

Velibvelo1 Transport & planning

Cycling - Reduced dependence on cars - Reduced dependence on flying - Road Safety - School travel - Spatial planning - Sustainable travel - Urban & village design - Walking - Waterways in the United Kingdom

FarmersmarketWM55 Local sustainability

Local needs met locally - Rural issues - Sustainability indicators - Sustainability networks - Transition towns - Urban focus

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