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Solar Park in Wiltshire Driving Locals Green - Nick Rosen - 2024/05/14 15:24

Over 14,000 people have signed a petition against large solar farms in their area following plans for a development covering 2,000 acres (810 hectares) in Wiltshire. Lime Down Solar Park is designed t...

Anti-pylon Brits Could Herald New Off-grid Era - Huy Nguyen - 2024/03/14 15:50

Retired film-maker Christopher Hamblin is unmoved at the prospect of a lump-sum payment from developers to compensate him for electricity towers and cables they want to build near his village in the e...

Solar Panels for Palestine – Donate Now - Nick Rosen - 2024/02/28 08:53

Whatever your views on the Arab-Israel conflicts, and on the Hamas atrocities of October 9th, nobody can no doubt that the humanitarian crisis demands immediate action by all of us – especially now th...

Windy Winter Boating Nights - Nick Rosen - 2024/02/20 04:22

Richard Stabbins begins an occasional series on the joys and heartbreaks of living on a boat in the middle of a big city. It’s early evening on the canal towpath and I’m almost home. My hands are fro...

50-year old Diesel Generator In Mirissa Beach - Nick Rosen - 2024/02/05 12:25

Mirissa beach is known for cool Eurotrash, beautiful surfing and whale-watching. In common with most of the country outside the dapital, the beach community struggles with an unreliable electricity gr...