Sustainable Community Action

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"Unpaid work (parenting, growing food for family and community needs, maintaining households, volunteering in community service, do-it-yourself home and community construction, and repair projects) is estimated as some 50 % of all production in OECD countries and 60 to 65 percent in developing countries." Hazel Henderson

Action ideas

Opening of Chorley Co-operative Society store, Birkacre, Coppull. c 1930s. Co-operatives

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  • Local exchange trading system, WP
  • Time based money, WP
  • Credit Unions, WP
  • Teleworking clubs

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  • Social enterprise

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A sustainable community provides economic opportunities for all. Opportunity can be encouraged through a variety of approaches, not just by traditional means. Social inclusion involves economic inclusion.



  • LA21 and employment - ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability have produced a free introductory training module "Local Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and Employment", which although aimed mainly at local authority staff, may also be of interest to community activists. It can be accessed via the ICLEI in Europe website


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