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The idea of Domestic Tradable Quotas (DTQs), also variously referred to as Personal Carbon Allowances, Tradable Energy Quotas, or just Personal Carbon Trading has been around since the mid 1990s. Such a system would require government intervention. It would involve the free distribution, on a per-capita basis, of carbon credits which would be exchanged for carbon-intensive goods, like fuel. Those with surplus credits can sell them, those who run out must buy them. It could be an excellent way of moving us all towards a more sustainable level of CO2 emissions. But can we act fast enough?

Lifetime carbon allowances Edit

The idea of looking at lifetimes is that some groups, for example the elderly could be said to have more need to have their life quality maintained or advanced through the use of power, transport, etc.

Personal carbon allowances - your questions Edit

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Resources Edit

  • The Tyndall Centre has investigated personal tradeable allowances. Their most recent published research in September 2005, 'Decarbonising the UK', produced by Richard Starkey and Kevin Anderson is available from the Tyndall Centre website

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