Sustainable Community Action
Why quick notes?

The idea of this page is simple. If you've got something to add, but are unsure where to include it, you can just leave a quick note here.

Please note

  • additions must be related to the purposes of this wiki. See What's SCA wiki for?, Boundaries
  • items here are likely to be moved. The aim is to signpost to where things get moved to, so it's a good idea to give your item a title. If you're signed in it'd also be possible to leave a note for you on your talk page. (It's Ok to sign your entries here, use four tildes : ~'s if you're signed in)

You are welcome to leave quick notes here, but please remember there is no guarantee that anyone else will relocate items for you. Wherever possible you're encouraged to relocate items yourself. You can see this page as place to leave notes for yourself. If someone else finds a place for your item before you do, that's a bonus. If the page works really well, it can become a way of us learning from each other how best to organise the information that gets put here.

Related topics

Please put most recent additions at top of each listing. Strike out done items. Remove done items older than a month.

Miscellaneous notes[]

  • Ecotopia W


relatively simple, easy short, tasks

New pages[]

suggested format: page title, followed by notes'


may take more time

  • Redesign Village pump to an index to specific pages (for each main section, plus quick notes etc) Philralph @sca21 17:04, 13 August 2008 (UTC)