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India Edit

  • Air pollution dropped by 39 percent in Delhi after all buses were required to use compressed natural gas (CNG) as a result of a suit brought against the Indian government. By 2006, some 80,000 CNG vehicles were registered in Delhi, including all public buses and mini-taxis. Source: Worldwatch Institute / Environment quality

Italy Edit

Local needs met locally, UK Edit

  • "Our research shows that 99% of older people in rural areas consider their local post office a ‘lifeline’." Source: Age Concern

London Edit

  • "The capital is particularly sensitive to future temperature increases, due in part to the large urban heat island effect it generates. The city centre can be up to 8C warmer than the surrounding countryside." 'London's Warming'. London Climate Change Partnership study. Defra / Climate change
  • The number of cyclists on London’s major roads has increased by 72 per cent since 2000. Source: Mayor of London, 4-9-2006, Research for Transport for London
  • The number of trips by bus in London per person per year increased by 28 per cent while trips by bus outside London fell by 13 per cent. Source: Department for Transport - National Travel Survey: 2005. Transport 2000 / Reduced dependence on cars UK
  • London's commercial and public sector buildings alone produce around 15 million tonnes of CO2 per year and account for 33 per cent of total London emissions. Source: GLA Greater London Authority, August 31

London Food Link Edit

  • 34% food in UK is eaten out of the home, (in US it’s 48%) It’s estimated by 2025 that 50% of food consumption will be out of the home. (Food and Drink Federation Eating out of Home Trends 2000)
  • During 2002-3, the UK market for organic food & drink grew by over 10% and annual sales now exceed £1billion. (Organic Market Report, Soil Association, 2005).
  • 65% of shoppers buy local whilst a further 9% would like to if it was available. This is compared with 61% purchasing last year. Of those purchasing 40% would like to buy more if it was more available. (Gerardine Padbury, Retail and Foodservice Opportunites for Local Food IGD, 2006) / London, Food

Make Roads Safe Edit

  • Each year 1.2 million people are killed and 50 million injured around the world in road traffic crashes
  • more than 85% of road traffic casualties are in low and middle income countries

Source: Commission for Global Road Safety, June 8 2006 / Road Safety

Miscellaneous Edit

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