Sustainable Community Action

"Building a world where we meet our own needs without denying future generations a healthy society is not impossible, as some would assert. The question is where societies choose to put their creative efforts." Christopher Flavin

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  • Resources for groups and networks - to help with all aspects of sustainable community action
  • Resources for all, not just 'professionals'
  • Whatever you find useful or inspiring

People First[]


A network's greatest asset is, of course its people - see also Places, projects and networks, Building Networks, Join our community

Inspiring Quotes[]

A collection of quotes to inspire about all sustainability topics, already stretching to thirty pages


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Random facts[]

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A - Z of sustainability topics not covered within other main sections of the SCA wiki, for example the Ideas Bank, or topics of a very general nature


Department of FUN![]


"Go with your gut instinct. Be innovative. Innovation is about challenge, challenging others, challenging yourself, your own perceptions. If its hasn't got a challenge in it let someone else do it - you go and do something that is unique."

Barbara Willis Brown of the Birmingham (UK) based organisation Scawdi - taken from a podcast on the Grassroots Channel [1]

Img13713 Your help needed[]

This part of the wiki needs extensive development, and YOUR contributions. Sometimes it can help to start or contribute to a discussion. (You can do this by editing an article's discussion page, click on discussion tab at top of each article's page).

Wanted pages[]

List below any articles you'd like to see included, even if you're not able to start them right now, although of course this would be better! (Even if just a stub, and of course, remove them from this list if you make a start on them}.

  • Getting to know your area, Getting to know your region, Local distinctiveness
  • Local picture libraries
  • Creating a local sustainability directory
  • IT for local sustainability action groups
  • Developing sustainability indicators
  • Project evaluation and monitoring
  • Evaluating networks
  • Ethical funding guidelines
  • Mind map


Resources by topic[]

See Ideas Bank pages

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