View from Trosley Country Park, Kent, England, January

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  • National inquiry to explore the opportunities and challenges for rural councillors and what stands in the way of them doing more to help rural people have greater influence over local decisions. Launched 6 February 2007. The deadline for sending in views is Friday 18 May 2007. Commission for Rural Communities / Community involvement UK

Resources Edit

  • ‘The Rural Challenge: achieving sustainable rural communities for the 21st century’, August 2010
  • Taxi Voucher Toolkit from The Countryside Agency. Information and pointers to help local groups set up a simple and effective scheme in response to specific transport needs. Can be downloaded via the Countryside Agency website
  • State of the Countryside 2020, Environment Agency Report, available via the Natural Engand website
  • The state of the countryside 2005, The Countryside Agency, available via the Natural Engand website

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  • CPRE maps showing that 55 per cent of England’s countryside could be at increased risk as a consequence of the Government’s reforms of the planning system: link

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  • Village SOS Competition, around 250 awards of between £10,000 and £30,000 to kick start community businesses. Entry form deadline: 5pm, Thursday 20 October 2011

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  • 79% (UK) of respondents said they visited the countryside for leisure purposes at least a few times a year or more frequently. 19% said they visited once a week, 10% once a fortnight, 16% once a month, 9% once a quarter, 25% said a few times a year. 8% said they never visited the countryside, 8% said less than once a year, 4% only once a year. Source: CPRE

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