Sustainable Community Action

The Sandbox is a special page where you can try things out. You can add some text to this page and play around at getting it as you want it. The page gets regularly cleaned up, and can be rolled back, so whatever you want to try should be OK. Be Bold. Go play!

Getting started[]

To edit a page, click on the edit tab at the top of the page.
(On some pages it is possible to edit just a section - click on the edit link at the right of the section.)

A new page appears with a dialogue box where you can enter text, and if you like, some formatting... for example to make some text bold, select the text you want (by dragging the cursor across it) then click on the B Button at the top of the dialogue box. As you get more familiar with the mark-up, you can, of course just type it, if you prefer.

Help with changing the appearance of text[]

Each edit page has a link to Editing Help toward the bottom of the page. Clicking on this will open the Editing Help page in a new window, so that you can switch between windows whilst continuing your edit.


When you've finished typing in, press the 'Preview' button toward the bottom of the page. A new page will load with a preview above the edit dialogue box. You can now make any changes if it didn't turn out as you want.

Repeat as necessary[]

Keep repeating this process: editing, preview, re-edting - until you're happy with your edit.

Note summary and Save[]

Before saving your edit remember to write a short summary in the one line box provided.

The Editing Help page includes references to other sources to learn more. OK. Be Bold. Go play!

Your stuff[]

(so's what you type appears here)

Have you read the book "Slow" by Carl Honore? It's full of ideas for sustainable slow living.

This is just a test

test2 Philralph @sca21 09:16, 30 October 2008 (UTC)