Sustainable Community Action
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“It’s not me that is ‘hard to reach’ it’s those people with the money & power that are”, anon person described as excluded, Dave Press / Inspiring Quotes

Action Ideas[]

  • Homeless projects
  • Fuel poverty projects
  • Sensory gardens
  • Multicultural events
  • Community walking projects
  • Advocate expenses for volunteers, so that no-one should be out of pocket from volunteering, and it isn't something just for those that can afford it
  • The Equality Pledge, The Equality Trust, sign or encourage your election candidates to sign

Why it matters

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Village cinema[]

THE SPIRIT LEVEL. 02 February 2010. About 3 min.

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Comment Global 2010[]

Inequality as Policy? Feb 09 [1]

Global News 2007[]

UK News and Comment[]

See separate articles - Social inclusion UK news, Social inclusion UK news feeds


  • Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2005 by Guy Palmer, Jane Carr and Peter Kenway, published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation is available via their website
  • Mobilising Britain’s Missing Workforce, Unemployment, incapacity benefit, and the regions, Steve Fothergill and John Grieve Smith, Catalyst Working Paper published: September 2005, ISBN 1 904508 16 2 Paperback: 40 pages
  • Participatory approaches to research on poverty, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, March 2004. This study, by Fran Bennett with Moraene Roberts, gives an overview of 'participatory' approaches to research and inquiry into poverty in the UK. 'Participatory' approaches respect the expertise of people with direct experience of poverty and give them more control over the research process and more influence over how findings are used. A free pdf version of the report (0.3 Mb) can be downloaded via the website.


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  • Richard Wilkinson (public health) W
  • The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better W

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  2. UN news centre, September 13