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According to Local Works, this October (2008) (UK) central government will invite local authorities (including county councils) to 'opt in' to the Sustainable Communities Act process. "If they do not do this then their local communities will not be able to use the Act at all." So they are asking people to write to their councillors urging them to 'please opt in to the Sustainable Communities Act process when invited by Government to this October’.

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February 2011

April 2010

The Act has been amended by the Sustainable Communities Act 2007 (Amendment) Act 2010 W.

February 2010

According to the UK Parliament website, Early Day Motion, EDM 143, Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill, has so far attracted 346 signatures 15:45, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

Number of councils, according to the Local Works website, that have resolved to use the Sustainable Communities Act, meaning their communities will be able to as well:

As of

  • June 4 2009, 117 councils
  • April 27 2009, 100 councils
  • April 6 2009, 95 councils
  • March 23 2009, 92 councils
  • March 10 2009, 83 councils
  • February 25 2009, 75 councils
  • February 4 2009, 69 councils
  • January 12 2009, 47 councils
  • December 14 2008, 33 councils
  • November 11 2008, 22 councils

October 2008

  • Communities Secretary Hazel Blears invites ideas to improve local communities, October 14 [1] As part of the Sustainable Communities Act, the Secretary of State has invited local authorities, in discussion with the people they represent, to send in proposals on what central government can do to help improve the economic, social or environmental well-being of their local areas. forum
Acording to Communities and Local Government:
  • The Sustainable Communities Act aims to promote the sustainability of local communities by encouraging the improvement of the economic, social or environmental well-being of the authority's area. It provides a channel for local people to ask central government, via their local authority, to take action.
  • It will also increase transparency and accountability by identifying public funding that goes into each area by providing for the production of new local spending reports.
Local authorities have until 31 July 2009 to submit proposals to the Local Government Association, who has been appointed as the Selector under the terms of the Act.

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