Sustainable Community Action

Sustainable Community Action is a wiki with

  • free, and free to reuse, information about all aspects of sustainability, particularly local and community-run sustainability action


  • collaborative and inclusive
  • action (or activism) focussed

and adopts

  • a positive, 'can do' approach

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The wiki is for, and can be by, anyone and everyone interested in sustainability, but especially ordinary people and community groups. Sustainability isn't just something for experts. It's about everyone's quality of life and we all have a part to play.

Community involvement, inclusion and empowerment are seen here as an integral part of sustainability.


It's also about joining up (or networking) and Img13715 Collaboration

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Sustainable Community Action aims to link up community and personal action for sustainability worldwide.


Local, personal and global - It's about local sustainability - any size area from local community to the whole planet, but in a way which interconnects the personal and the global.


  • Now. This stuff matters. Some would say it's urgent. If you can help, do it now. Your planetary community needs you!

We began 6/12/04, but there's massive potential for further development.

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How and why?[]

"Only connect"[]

Tyne Bridge - Newcastle1
  • Joining up - the highly interlinked nature of the wiki can be especially useful in developing holistic or integrated awareness.
  • To help with seeing the bigger picture, articles which provide an overview or summary can be especially useful. Village Green


  • Share knowledge and ideas for action to help bring about more sustainable communities and a more sustainable world. This might be about how to make where you find yourself a better place to live, work or visit. / see also Quality of life.

Sharing is good. Share YOUR knowledge - so's those of us interested in local sustainability don't have to keep reinventing the wheel. Together we're stronger. The more sustainability information we share, the more we all benefit. Join our community

Action ideas, information and inspiration[]

  • Develop and share ideas, collaborate to bring them to fruition
  • Find out what others are doing already, in your own area or elsewhere
  • Find or share inspiration
  • Find, share and grow resources for your very own sustainability action project, or to move your very own community more towards sustainability
  • develop local, regional or national directories and stakeholder listings
  • Signpost to further information and resources

SCA is run as a community project, and strives towards consensus as the primary means for organizing the wiki.

Other languages[]

While this wiki is predominantly in English, we are interested to hear of any plans to develop similar content in other languages. Category:Languages other than English / For options to do with Wikia please see Wikia's languages page


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