Mind map representing a 'Think and Listen'

A Think and Listen is a useful thinking tool for group work and consensus building.

Work in pairs for a Think and Listen. For half the time one person is the thinker and the other is the listener. The thinking turn is for the thinkers benefit. It is a time for the thinker to collect and develop their thoughts at their own pace, in their own way and using their own language if they choose. The listener makes no comments and asks no questions, but does make encouraging sounds and movements to indicate that their attention to the listener is active.

Common time periods for a Think and Listen are between two to five minutes each. What the thinker speaks about and how their thinking develops is confidential, unless otherwise agreed.

When you are the thinker remember: the time is for you and you do not need to appear bright or knowledgeable.

When you are the listener remember: look at your partner and be active in your listening, do not interrupt or ask questions.

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