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In Connecting Local Economies, the TCPA argues for a Trans-Pennine ‘Northern crossrail' embracing the great cities of the north from Newcastle upon Tyne to York, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. 24th January [1]



  • How to keep moving by not travelling, Julian Dobson, November 6 [3] / Hi Julian, excellent article! Really great to see someone tackling the way we organise work, related opportunities for better quality of life and lower carbon footprint. If we're serious about a low carbon future we've simply got to reimagine work into something altogether both more rewarding for the many not just the few whilst at the same time much less damaging to our shared and only home. Philralph @sca21 11:23, November 6, 2009 (UTC)
  • Treasury needs to do far more to ensure its stimulus measures are sufficient to help transform the UK into a low carbon economy, says Environmental Audit Committee, March 16 [4]
  • A fundamental and comprehensive overhaul of the entire economy is urgently required if Ministers are serious about delivering a low carbon future and playing a leading role in tackling climate change, Friends of the Earth, March 6 [5]
  • Rather than taking advantage of the UK's unique renewable resources and history of engineering innovation to become a world leader in clean energy, Brown's stimulus package has committed less investment to the green economy than any G7 leader apart from Berlusconi. Greenpeace, March 5 [6]


  • Pre-budget report fails to deliver green new deal, FoE, November 24 [7]

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Britain falls from third to 13th place in league table of countries investing in alternative energy and clean technology, 29 March [8]


  • UK is the 6th largest low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) economy, March 6 [9]


  • All of the businesses surveyed for a Campaign for Better Transport alternatives to aviation report said that teleconferencing can reduce the need to travel, October 10. [10] This shift highlights the necessity for Government to rethink the supposed need for airport expansion. This need could be reduced still further if the Government worked closely with businesses to increase the take-up of teleconferencing technology. topic

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