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  • West Sussex County Council dooms ancient woodland and wildlife, Woodland Trust, May 13. [1] "West Sussex County Council has given the go ahead for the initial destruction of a hectare of ancient woodland, the richest habitat for species in the UK, the UK’s equivalent of rainforests. The complex undisturbed soils are irreplaceable and once destroyed, are lost forever. This is a worrying example of local government putting the search for money before safeguarding irreplaceable natural heritage.” Alice Farr of the Woodland Trust. place
  • UK tree planting schemes excluded from Government’s planned carbon offset code, Woodland Trust, February 19 [2] topic

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  • Woodland Trust acquires 58 acres of farmland at Ervey, just south-east of Londonderry, May 7 [4] The creation of new native woodland will form a key piece of a large landscape jigsaw. Situated on the banks of the Burntollet River, the site borders Environment & Heritage Service’s Ness Wood Country Park, a designated Area of Special Scientific Interest. This beautiful woodland complex contains remnants of rare ancient woodland and is home to buzzards, otters, pygmy shrews and endangered red squirrels. Recreating Northern Ireland's landscape jigsaw
  • Decline in the number of older trees in towns and cities and overall planting rates of new trees has fallen, February 18. [5] Government is urging all councils to match the standards of the best. Communities and Local Government quote the example of Tower Hamlets, where the council is planting 1000 trees in a deprived inner city area and involving the local community in planting and environmental education. place

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