Madrid Shared Space

Madrid Shared Space

"We need places where we sit on the edges of the public realm and look in the mirror, to be reminded of who we really are." Chuck [1]

Action Ideas Edit

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  • Conservation
  • Footpath conservation
  • Restoration projects
  • Windmill preservation
  • Clean up days
  • Community street audits
  • Guerilla Bench, Intervention to Intensify Neighbourly Relationships
  • Smart booths, eg see, May 16th, 2012

Why it matters

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Resources Edit

  • Tactical Urbanism, downloadable guide to some ideas about how to catalyze lasting change in your urban world.

Village cinema Edit

Guerilla Bench

Guerilla Bench

Transform Space into Place, November 27, 2006, about 9 mins.
Transform Space into Place

Transform Space into Place.

Comment Global 2010 Edit

  • Emergent Urbanism, or ‘bottom-up planning’ , February 14 [2]

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  2. cityofsound, February 14, 2010
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