Sustainable Community Action


Why build Sustainable Community Action wiki?


We are many

Worldwide there are many of us interested in related issues. Whether it be climate change, environmental concerns such as biodiversity, social, economic or global concerns, questions of justice, or other related issues.

We the people

Sustainability isn't just something for experts. It's about everyone's quality of life and we all have a part to play. Through sharing and collaboration we can develop what becomes a citizens agenda, rather than something much narrower.

How can we help?


Together we're stronger

The more we collaborate the better our chances, the more influence we can have. The more we pool our information, knowledge and resources, the more there will be for each of us to share from. Our diversity is an additional strength. The more we collaborate the less we have to keep "reinventing the wheel."

We're all in this together

All of us will be affected by climate change and issues such as biodiversity loss, as well as all our future generations. This pale blue dot is our only home. Wherever we live these issues will affect our own local communities. It is right that each of us should be able to influence decisions affecting our own local communities.

We are all part of the solution

We all have a part to play. We all have something to offer. No-one from outside can be as expert as you are in what it is like to live in your community,

Vast potential

Although we began at the end of 2004 we've as yet barely scratched the surface of what this wiki can be about. In the same way that Wikipedia seeks to make knowledge available to all worldwide, we can seek to make all knowledge about all aspects of sustainability available to all across the world.

Free to reuse and build upon

When the topics concern all our futures, these are important enough for it to be better if all the information is free to reuse and build upon.

The time is now

There's a growing sense that climate change and coming energy shortages make the next few years our main, and perhaps only real chance to set a different course.

Will you help?

Joining it all up

As sustainability is about seeing the bigger picture and the longer term, integration becomes quite important. This wiki offers

Integration, synthesis and synergy across at least 5 dimensions:

  1. Place - from the whole earth to local communities and whatever intermediate levels may be useful
  2. topic - environmental, social and economic well being - personal and community options
  3. time - a permanent, searchable, self-organising, increasingly richly detailed record of the spread of sustainable community action
  4. type of content - information, news, comment, images, etc., and perhaps most importantly of all
  5. openness to all - and in particular those that traditional and establishment initiatives tend to leave out - ordinary citizens and communities


We aim for positive, collaborative and complementary relationships with other wiki. "If Wikipedia tells the world as it is, Sustainable Community Action dares to imagine the world as it might be."

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