Sustainable Community Action

General tasks[]

relatively simple, easy, short, tasks

  • category portal articles - see which categories need these via list of links / what links here to the Template:Catportneed page
  • category pipework (explanation needed)
  • links to image categories on portals

Fork content[]

start a new article from three or more links, or substantial information within a subsection of an existing article

Related boxes needed[]

Example at Community involvement, using Template:Rel

Development projects[]

may take more time

  • Build up project:Design resources, including for example image width guidelines. Use this page to collect together, or signpost to any useful stuff to help with design.
  • Continual improvements to Help section (although we may rely to a large extent for a lot of standard info on the central wikia help pages), especially help for those new or relatively new to wikis, e.g. good, clear and comprehensive signposting.

Wish list[]

What you'd like to see, though not sure of the best way to get these as yet

  • Separate Features section based on side bar
  • rating and reviewing, use Template:Review on articles about specific resources
  • voting
  • find ways to use wiki to help facilitate LETS or complimentary currencies

Related topics[]