Sustainable Community Action

Wanted pages[]

suggested format: page title, followed by notes'

  • more wanted pages listed on specific topic pages listed within the Ideas Bank


relatively simple, easy short, tasks

  • Visioning, improve using text from nearest WP article (link in article)

Comment box wanted[]

using Template:Commbox

Topic box wanted[]

When categories have 3 or more articles - examples at Climate change, Food (top rh box)

Review links[]

  • Biochar W


may take more time

  • once a topic has a resources page consider moving external links to that page. Eg Food UK resources?
  • consider if topic boxes should be included on all articles in a topic's category?
  • 'Why it matters' sections (or introductions) for articles - succinct summaries needed for many articles

Wish list[]

What you'd like to see, though not sure of the best way to get these as yet

  • UK local links - more signposting to existing networks
  • repeating ideas/links/references in all topics/articles if highly relevant
  • Action Ideas - more links to other sources of ideas, including general sources on or via category page